The Challenge

Relationship Management
in a Prepaid Economy

In a world where costs sharing is becoming the norm, build the service that will change your world, and help you manage your expenses.

Join us for a 26 hours hackathon to build innovative solution for a prepaid world. During the hackathon you’ll have our mentors support to bring your ideas into reality. The best solution will win a grand prize of 10,000 Shekels and will be considered for a pilot by MAX and benefits packages worth over 30,000$.

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The Dates

The Prizes

Cash Prize

A cash prize for the winner of the demo day sponsored by MAX.

1 Year - Full Access

Free setup and 1 year of usage of the Coriunder Backend-As-A-Service platform.


The winner will have the chance to launch their solution together with MAX and Coriunder and make their idea a reality.

The Main event Start Hacking

Two days with our mentors to help you push and finish development of your idea - You will have mentors for Development/Design/Story telling and more.

12-13th March

Meet our Mentors

Asaf Nakash


Iris Nadir Zach


Eldad Cordoba

Direct Experts

Eliad Saporta


Omri Mosseri


Shalom Hadaya


Liav Shemsh


Idan Shahar


Aviad Lachmanovitch

Tadmor Levy

Tomer Rubinstein

Product Manager

Closing event Demo Day

Its time to meet the Judges - get ready to pitch your idea in front of the Judges along with our partners and potential investors.

20th August

Meet our Judges

Dotan Cohen Paraira


Rachel Fabian-Edelman


Meital Raviv


Asaf Nakash


Tali Hollenberg


Meet our amazing partners

The partners that helped make Hackommerce 2020 the event it will be.

Frequently ask question about Hackommerce!

Learn more and get involved

Who can apply?

• Individuals, entrepreneurs, teams, established companies, startups

• Seasoned professionals as well as students and self-tought experts

• Software developers, entrepreneurs, designers, experts in the field of payments, people with a business background and others

What if I don’t have a team?

• Talk to colleagues and friends about this exciting opportunity

• Join Start Holon Facebook group- you might find your team there

• Come to the Pre-Hackommerce Meetup on March 3rd

• If you're having trouble finding a team, please apply alone and we'll try to help

What is the winner selection process?

On the hackathon’s second day, 13th of March, a panel of judges will announce the final teams. On March 16th, during the Hackommerce Demo Day , judging panel will select the winning team.

What are the criteria by which the winner is chosen?

Our judge team will select the winner according to the following criteria: Business feasibility, technological viability, level of innovation and teamwork

Is there a maximum no. of participants in a team?

Teams should not exceed 6 participants. From our experience the best team size is typically 4-5 participants.

Can we compete with a pre-existing project?

Yes, as long as you keep working and advancing your project during the hackathon to match the challenge guidelines.

Who will own my idea?

You or your team (evenly divided) will completely own the idea and the concept you develop throughout the hackathon. By participating the hackathon you agree to give Right of Priority to the organizers. For further information: Visit here

Will I have access to top executives at the challenge sponsoring companies?

Yes. You will have access to our mentors throughout the hackathon and in addition – top executives of our sponsoring companies will take part throughout one of the 3 events (Pre- Hackommerce Meetup, Hackommerce and Demo Day)

What happens in the Pre- Hackathon Meetup?

In the meetup we will review the hackathon challenge in depth, we will have professional workshops in which you’ll get professional tools by Coriunder and by IBM. You’ll also have time to ask questions, find additional teammates and network. Each team must send at least one representative to this event.

Can I bring my own equipment?

Sure, but please be responsible for it - the event organizers are not liable for any loss or damage.

Can we work from home and just arrive for the judging?

No. Your team has to work on the project on the hackathon premises. It's part of the fun and it is what creates the sense of a joint effort. If your team has to leave for a certain time, please let us know.

What will I eat?

We will provide kosher food and beverages throughout the day and night. If you have any other dietary limitations, please mention them in your application.

Where will I sleep?

We will provide a rest area s to relax and get some shut-eye. We recommend bringing anything that would make you feel comfortable - from blankets to onesies. We must warn though, that the nature of the event is intese so don't expect to sleep much.